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  • Self-service grooming and Full Service Grooming require an appointment.
  • Self-service wash is first-come first-serve.

Self-Serve Wash

Wash your pet using our professional shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers and colognes...and we clean up the mess!

Self-Serve Groom

Does your dog need a haircut? Our Self-Serve Grooming table and haircutrting equipment takes the hastle out of making your dog look great.

Homemade Doggy Bakery

We have a full line of treats for your dog to enjoy and with all our large selection; your family pet can try something new every time you come in.

Other Services

Our hygiene services include: Full-Service Bath, Grooming, Nail Clipping, Gland Expression, and more.

Shedless Treatment

If your dog is losing coat in mass then we can help. Learn how to reduce shedding by up to 90%.


We sell everything your pets need. Check out our: Collars, leashes, Toys, Treats, Foods, and other assorted pet supplies.