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Additional Services

Sometimes a good bath just isn’t going to cut it. The Soggy Doggy has specialized services to help when your dog needs that extra bit of attention. Whether your dog is shedding like crazy or perhaps has a skin condition, we can help.

Shedless Treatment   $5-$10

Shedless Authorized DealerIf your dog is losing coat in mass then we can help.  We are an authorized dealer of Furminator’s Shedless Program.  By using the Shedless Program you can reduce your pets shedding by up to 90%!  The Treatment consists of desheding shampoos and conditioners as well as the use of our Furminator brushes.  If your dog only sheds a few times a year you can save a bundle of money by using our Shedless Treatment.

If your dog is a year round shedder be sure to talk to one of our staff members about purchasing retail sizes of the Shedless Shampoo, Shedless Solution or perhaps purchasing a Furminator Brush for use at home.

Secret Sauce    $4

This is a miracle product!  It can help with skin problems from bacterial or fungal infections and even yeast issues. 

Not only that but the Secret Sauce is an amazing odor eliminator.  It has been used on the stinkiest , oiliest, rolled in the most disgusting-est dogs.  The result?  No odor at all – zero.

Gland Expression   $8

Dogs naturally express their glands in most situations.  However, some dogs need a little bit of help.  If you notice a fishy smell coming from your dog then you may want to consider having the glands expressed.  Also, if you see your dog dragging its bottom on the carpet that is also a sign that the anal glands may be clogged.  The Soggy Doggy staff is trained to express anal glands externally and at a cost far less than your local veterinarian.  No bath or appointment is necessary.

Doggy Facial    $2

Doggy facials are a great facial cleaner that is massaged onto the dogs face.  The scent of the doggy facial is naturally calming for the pet but also has many benefits.  Doggy facials help reduce tear stains, leave the face very clean and fluffy as well as smell great. 

Pad/Paw Trim    $7

Does your dog’s feet look more like Grinch feet?  Is there so much fur growing between the pads that your dog can’t get a grip on your flooring?  If so, a Pad/Paw Trim is in order.  Come on in and one of our friendly staff members will get those feet looking spiffy.  Please let us know if you would like to have the Pad/Paw Trim before your dog gets into a tub.  We like to shave the feet while the fur is dry.

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  • Self-service grooming and Full Service Grooming require an appointment.
  • Self-service wash is first-come first-serve.