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Self Serve Wash

Washing your dog in your bathroom is painful on your knees and back. Do you still find dog hair in your bathroom a week after you've washed your dog? Chasing/wrestling your pet in the back yard with a garden hose is no picnic either.

Now you can wash your pet using our professional shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers and colognes. All this and we clean up the mess!

Stop bending over your tub at home to wash your pet. Our tubs are graduated in height from 33 inches tall to 42 inches. We will match you with the best tub to minimize bending over and make washing your dog enjoyable.


Prices for Self Serve Doggy Washes
Itty Bitty or a Kitty Up to 15 lbs 13.00
Small Doggy 16 to 30 lbs 16.00
Medium Doggy 31 to 50 lbs 19.00
Large Doggy 51 to 80 lbs 22.00
X-Large Doggy 81 lbs and over 25.00

Request an Appointment

  • Self-service grooming and Full Service Grooming require an appointment.
  • Self-service wash is first-come first-serve.