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Farmina's N & D Pet Food Education Event

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Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver, Washington to learn more about N & D Pet Food and the Farmina company.  But this was no ordinary training on pet food.  Experts flew out from Italy, the UK as well as New York.  It was an honor to have people travel such distances to meet with a handful of owners of pet stores from Washington and Oregon.  They may have travelled light but they brought with them a massive amount of knowledge and expertise regarding Farmina and the overall pet food industry.

Over the last year of carrying N & D Dog and Cat food I had already become quite impressed with the quality of the food.  However, after learning from these experts I am absolutely convinced that this line is one of the best dry dog/cat foods on the market.

I was pleased to learn that Farmina spends over one million Euros every year on research of dogs and cats.  They work with both universities and institutes to publish scientific papers on a range of studies.  They strive to better understand all facets of metabolism and behavior.  They use this knowledge to make fantastic pet foods.   

If you would like to learn more about N & D Pet Food we would be happy to talk with you about it and give you a sample.


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