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A Reflection on Pet Dental Health Month

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Recently an acquaintance of mine was feeling ill.  He went to the doctor and they thought maybe he had strep throat.  They conducted the test and while the results were negative they sent him home with some pills and hoped he would get better.  A few days later his neck was swelling so he went back to the doctor.  Again the medical staff did not know what was wrong with him and sent him back home.  Two days later he was in excruciating pain.  He went back to the doctor for a third time and they found the source of the problems.  My friend had two abscessed teeth.  The previous symptoms were a result of infection spreading into his throat and neck through the abscessed teeth.

It struck me how difficult it was to determine the cause of his suffering.  He had the benefit of communicating his symptoms through speech unlike our pets that can only communicate their pain through body language and limited vocal cues.  Yet even with the gifts of medical science and speech it wasn’t until this man was in horrible pain that the answer was found.

To me, this really underscores the importance of oral care for pets.  Preventative steps like brushing teeth, dental treats and/or dental liquids help maintain good oral health which can prevent considerable pain and sickness down the road.  During Pet Dental Health Month, we hope we were able to explain how you can take steps to keep your pet healthy through dental care.  If we missed you last month or you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

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