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Paw Lick'n Chicken

Dogs go crazy over these delicious homemade treats. Ingredients include: white flour, chicken broth, cornmeal,...

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Pea'mutt' Butter Biscuits

Dogs go crazy over these Delicious Homemade Biscuits. Ingredients include: white flour, wheat flour, water,...

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Grrrlick and Cheese Biscuits

Dogs go crazy over these delicious biscuits. Ingredients include: cheddar cheese, wheat flour, margarine, milk,...


Doggy Pumpkin Pie

*Limited Time Only!* Made with fresh pumpkins these four inch pies have been a favorite...

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Carob Brownies

Ingredients - Vegetable shortening, honey, eggs, vanilla, carob powder, white flower, baking powder. Sizes vary but...

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Blueberry Muffins

Ingredients - Skim milk, vegetable oil, honey, egg, white flour, baking powder, vanilla and blueberries. Sizes...

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Mini Blueberry Muffins

Great for little dogs or for big dogs that need a little snack! These little...

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